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Tutor Spotlight: William S.

It is of utmost importance to us to acknowledge and honor the exceptional contributions of our team members at Collegiate Tutors, particularly those who have consistently gone the extra mile for their clients. Among our dedicated team, we would like to spotlight William, a senior at Purdue University, who serves as an entry-level tutor on the Collegiate Tutors team.

William's client reviews are a testament to his genuine passion for tutoring and unwavering commitment to each student he works with. His clients have not only praised his dedication through glowing reviews, but have also demonstrated their gratitude by returning to work with him semester after semester. William takes immense pride in his work, diligently tailoring his approach to meet each student's unique needs and guide them towards their desired academic achievements. Here is a brief note from him:

"My name is William and I am currently a senior studying Industrial Engineering. My interest in math started with my high school calculus teacher, who was very insistent on developing the proof and intuition of the concepts we're learning. His teaching style still sticks with me today, as I try to connect the different concepts that I'm learning in all my classes. That learning style translates to my tutoring, where I make sure my clients understand the reasoning behind why a formula or method works. By understanding the reasoning, concepts start to connect much faster, and math does not become as reliant on seemingly disparate formulas."

- William, Entry Level Tutor

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