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Tutor spotlight: sam

We believe it's incredibly important to take the time to recognize our Collegiate Tutor team members who have gone above and beyond in helping their clients. Sam is an Entry Level Tutor with us, who is also a full time Purdue University Engineer-to-be. Not only have Sam's clients noticed his efforts and left raving reviews, they have also shown their appreciation by returning each semester to work with him. Sam clearly takes pride in his work as he diligently meets each student at their needs and helps them get to where they want to be. This type of talent and hard work we celebrate here at Collegiate Tutors, so we'd like to take the time to recognize him! Here is a brief note from him:

"Hi, I'm Sam. I'm currently a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at Purdue University. I love calculus and especially understanding the role that calculus plays in deriving relationships for mechanical and electrical systems. I tutor not just because I find the content interesting but because even as someone with a passion for math I know how challenging some of these concepts can be. I've been tutoring for about two years now and I've loved every second of it. There really is nothing quite like seeing the moment an idea "clicks" in a student's mind." - Sam, Entry Level Tutor

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