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about us

We are a team of tutors who provide one-on-one math tutoring sessions online or in-person (when possible) for students in elementary through college level math and physics courses. Our tutors are highly qualified and hand-picked for each student, in order to best meet their needs. Our tutors are well equipped to teach any math subject or homework material that students need help with. 

Larger class sizes, online classes, new learning environments, and difficult professors can all pose as challenges for college students. Our tutors have been through these challenging classes and are available to provide useful insights, study tactics, and other techniques to help you adjust to college life.


That way, you can earn better grades and have more time to enjoy all the fun things that student life has to offer as well! 

How it works

Sign up here or text/call/email us with your available times, the number or cadence of sessions, name of the class you need help in, and any preferences (learning styles, times, tutors, etc.).

You will then be matched up with the tutor best suited for your needs when and where you need them!

On a Video Call

Our Story

In this interview, Teresa Walker, Director of Communications at the Purdue University School of Engineering Education, discusses the inspiration for Collegiate Tutors LLC with Founder, Lexy Ackerman. She goes on to outline Collegiate Tutors' mission, vision, and cause in the subsequent article.



Provide an unrivaled quality of learning to all high school and college students, allowing them to ace classes the first time and be proud of their success, to supply their peers with the training it takes to achieve this, and to minimize student debt -both for struggling students and the minimally-paid college workforce.




Break down the barriers of systemic inequity in education caused by economic inequality.  Donations will be directed towards providing low-income high school students with tutoring sessions that will allow them to succeed in today's hyper-competitive college  environment, despite any financial barriers.



To develop a company that allows for 1st generation college students to receive the insights, support and perspectives they need to succeed, for students struggling to make ends meet to earn pay that will actually make an impact, and to provide clients with a quality of tutoring that is unrivaled in helping them succeed.

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