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Week 6

Are you that guy panic-studying in your seat five minutes before the exam is passed out? Are you the student who bounces around until you find the right exam location and shows up SWEATING with no time to spare? Or worse, are you the kid who shows up full-sprint ten minutes after the exam started? It'll happen to the best of us - myself included (not disclosing which scenario...). If you can't relate to any of those circumstances and show up confident and fresh, good for you. We're proud of your time management skills and clean hair. No need to read the rest of this.

For the rest of us... get to the exam early and use the time to relax. Don’t sit there and panic, cramming terms and concepts you think you are forgetting. The goal is to already have studied. Remind yourself through positive reinforcement that if you've been following these tips, you should've studied pretty thoroughly this past week and refreshed last night and all the information is in your brain.

Use this time to center yourself, breathe, and de-stress (as much as humanly possible). This can help clear your head from all the fog that inevitably seems to follow any college student during exam periods. Hang in there, take a deep breath and ignore the guy or girl next to you who seems so prepared that they brought their entire set of 600 flashcards for last-second math equation refreshing.

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