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Week 5

Studying versus Learning... For some of you, it may be a surprise that these are actually very different. It may be tempting to skate through homework problems without fully understanding what you're doing or why. This method may seem like the fastest way to get homework out of the way (and possibly with very high grades). However, when it comes time to study, it's always much more effective to be refreshing on material you've learned and understood in the past, as opposed to trying to learn half a semester's worth of material in a night or two (and for those, we are sending thoughts and prayers).

The bulk of this studying, or "refreshing" should be done 2-3 nights before the test, when your brain has time to let all the information soak in and "click." Although this can be done alone, it may also help to have alternate perspectives from a tutor or friend. Have you noticed how it always seems to be a day or two after the exam that the entirety of the subject makes sense and you feel like a superstar? Your brain needs time to marinate, not microwave.

Studying before your normal bedtime can also be beneficial for memorization, because your brain will continue to review the material as you sleep, instead of mulling over who's going to formal or whose Reddit comment got the most upvotes, subjects some of us have a skillful but not so useful memory for.

The night before the exam, after a quick look at any memorization-heavy terms or formulas, sit back, relax, and get to bed at a reasonable time! You got this!

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