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A letter of Examspiration

EXAM SEASON is upon us. Seasonal students you've never seen before are migrating out of the woodworks and into your classes. (If you don't know who I'm talking about it's probably you - and from all of us, welcome to class.)

The sun's coming out and students are being faced with one of the most mentally challenging and willpower-consuming decisions they will ever make... to darty or to study?

Maybe you've been proactive all along and now you're just chillin'.

Maybe you've frequented the bars more than your classes and now it's time to buckle down and pull a few all-nighters in Hicks Library.

Maybe you decided to get a tutor to help you cruise through homework and studying so you can now whip out the jorts and boombox or start your outdoor runs again.

Whatever your flavor, know that you'll be okay. Don't let the stress get to you and don't beat yourself up because you just can't get it and it's 3 AM and your physical body is fighting you with every muscle it can.

Take a deep breath, get some sleep, see if it comes to you after a nice walk in the fresh Spring morning air. If not, ask for help! Your teachers, friends, or a tutor would be happy to explain, and maybe all you need is for someone to work the material into your brain through a different canal!

Just remember... with enough effort and the help you need, you can be the kid who breaks the curve, you can create your own sunrise, and you can choose who and what you want to become.

Good luck, we're here for you.


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