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Week 7 - Game time

Everything comes down to this. You've gone through the lessons, you've studied with f

riends and a tutor, you've done the practice exams, but everything boils down to this - the Exam. Your GPA so heavily relies on good exam grades, so you've done everything you can to prepare. Unfortunately, you're just "not a good test taker." If you know the material well, all you really may need to become a "good test taker" are good test taking skills and a way to ease your mind during the exam so you can focus.

As stressful as test taking can be, it’s important to realize that if you’ve followed these steps, you should be prepared to excel in the exam seat. Clear your head and relax… in a few hours, you’ll be celebrating with a well-deserved #PSL because you prepared in advance and will reap the benefits of that now. Allow yourself these positive thoughts and don't self-sabotage by stressing yourself out. Come to the realization that you've done all you can; feel confident in your abilities.

As you work your way through the problems, if you do hit a question that you aren’t too sure about, don’t let it break your stride; move on and finish the test so that you have the time to spend on that one last tricky problem. Spend the majority of your time slaying the easy questions so that you can be sure to lock in all those points. You may even learn or remember something from later questions that will help you uncover the answer to the tricky one.

Remember, no one’s perfect, but with enough tactful studying and the help you need from tutors, teachers, or friends, you’re sure to be “that kid who ruins the curve.” Good luck all you test takers, we’re here if you need some help!

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